Die Estampie

Die Estampie. Untersuchungen anhand der überlieferten Denkmäler und zeitgenössischen Erwähnungen [Estampie – studies on the basis of handed down materials and contemporary references]
Christiane Schima
2 volumes

Kalenda maya

The history of the Estampie starts around the year 1200 with the famous song of the Provencal troubadour Raimbaut de Vaqueiras ‘Kalenda maya’.

In the centuries between 1200 and 1500 the Estampie appears in many musical and literary sources. Around the year 1300 a Parisian manuscript for the first time features the Estampie as an instrumental piece as well. Later sources show that the Estampie became popular in Italy and the northern European countries, too.


All surviving sources, songs, instrumental pieces as well as contemporary references to the Estampie are featured in this work consisting of two volumes. They are analysed, discussed and placed within their musical, cultural and social context. The appendix to the main volume includes all vocal Estampies, poetry and contemporary references. The supplement is an edition of all passed down instrumental Estampies in a critical new transcription (sheets of music).

Instanpitta Ghaetta
Instanpitta Ghaetta

A miniature from the manuscript Bodleian Library Douce 308 published for the very first time in this book provides close insights into the performance of vocal Estampies.

The author demonstrates that from the time of its appearance in the musical  manuscripts the Estampie was an artificial vocal and instrumental musical genre. The validity of earlier studies claiming that the Estampie was a dance piece could be disproved.

Die Estampie. Untersuchungen anhand der überlieferten Denkmäler und zeitgenössichen Erwähnungen is recognised as a standard work by the international specialist press (see also H. Van der Werf, MUSIC & LETTERS 77, no. 3, 1996, p.449, as well as A. Overbeek, ZEITSCHRIFT FÜR ROMANISTISCHE PHILOLOGIE 118, no. 2, 2002, p. 256). It is available in most important scientific libraries across the world.

This study, which was originally written as a dissertation for the University Utrecht (1995) (published at Thesis Publishers/Rozenberg Publishers Amsterdam ISBN 90-5170-363-5), can be ordered directly from the author at a price of EUR 35.00 (shipping costs not included).